The Curious Case of Panaji’s Dessert Street

Ever wandered through Panaji and found a large number of similar shops or businesses clustering together in one area? This is particularly noticeable with a whole lineup of ice cream shops, bakeries and cafes along MG Road, making it the city’s very own Dessert Street! Your sweet tooth is sure to be spoilt for choice, from Baskin Robbins, Gastronut’s creamy Gelato Italiano, Flavours 24’s frozen yogurt, Kwality Walls’,Natural Ice Creams’ deliciously unique flavours to desserts dripping in chocolate at The Chocolate Room!

Baskin Robbins was the first on the scene with its world-famous 31 flavours of ice cream, followed by the rest. We’ve got a few possible reasons for this delightfully peculiar phenomenon (also known as economies of agglomeration if you wanna get technical):


Being located in the heart of the city does have its perks! The businesses have access to maximum number of customers at peak hours, and being close to schools and colleges doesn’t hurt either!

Similar customer bases

The site selection strategy for the newer businesses would’ve been influenced by the presence of the already established ice cream shops and bakeries in the area, as they would be drawing in a similar crowd craving a sugar rush!

Staying Alert

Being so close to competitors keeps businesses on their toes when it comes to market trends and prices and figuring out their rivals’ weaknesses. As the saying goes, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”! Some things are just universal.

More Choice

A customer may have initially come for a scrumptious Pralines n' Cream cone at Baskin Robbins’, but may change their mind on seeing The Chocolate Room right across the road and head there for a cuppa hot chocolate. A decision that may not have been made if they hadn’t had dessert on their mind making them want to get to Baskins’ in the first place.