How to Learn from Competitors

Does the fact that your competitors have a successful marketing strategy with a bigger audience and more engagement make you sweat beads? If yes, then researching their strategies and learning from them may help you up your strategy planning game.

The Curious Case of Panaji’s Dessert Street

Here are a few reasons why Panaji has its very own Dessert Street!

7 Non-Glam Businesses That Have Made It Big In Goa

Planning on starting something in Goa? Check out the top 7 non-glamourous businesses in the state.

Integrated Marketing Communications with Social Media

Before you start communicating with the world about your business, it’s essential to have a plan. This blueprint, called an integrated marketing communication (IMC) plan, needs to outline the different ways an organization will communicate with audiences about its products or services.

Why Rebrand?

Rebranding results when a business or association chooses to change an important component of the brand. Such a change could be plainly evident like another brand name or logo, or it may be more inconspicuous, for example, a slight change in communication to better impart a more significant brand promise.